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Death Valley – Part Two

Hola hola!

Part two of Death Valley comin’ right up!  There are going to be a lot of photos in this post, so stand by!


These were some pretty purple and yellow flowers along the side of the road.  We’re heading to the border of California and Nevada to see Rhyolite – a ghost town.


This was the view looking back on our way up the road.  Our plan was to run up highway 374, stop in the old ghost town of Rhyolite and then take one of the back roads through another ghost town and down Titus Canyon.


Some interesting statues when entering Rhyolite:



I believe this was the schoolhouse:IMGP0918



And this was the bank:


This building was in the best shape.  I think this was the train depot.


An old train car still remained.IMGP0922

This is the depot from the other side.  There were also some picnic tables and it made the perfect stop for our lunch.IMGP0924

I just realized the following photo is blurry.  After we left Rhyolite, we headed down a back road which was a long windy dirt road.  It was really beautiful and I’m glad we went this way.



I think this sign says it all:


This route took us past an old ghost town known as Leadfield.IMGP0940 IMGP0941

Some of the buildings were still standing:IMGP0942 IMGP0943

Looking into one of the mines through the bars they put up to keep people out.IMGP0946 IMGP0947

Starting the drive through Titus Canyon.


It was really, really neat.  It kind of reminded me of the road through Berdoo canyon in Joshua Tree.  Although I think this canyon was deeper.IMGP0956 IMGP0960

Our second campsite at Mesquite Spring campground.  We chose this campground because we thought there would be fewer people and would therefore be quieter.  I think we were right.


The next day we headed towards Badwater:IMGP0967

A close up of one of the pretty yellow flowers:IMGP0969

And yet another pretty flower:

This is the road on the way to Furnace Creek from the Mesquite Spring campground where we stayed the night before.IMGP0975

IMGP0976 IMGP0978


It is amazing how this looks like snow but is really salt.  I’m not sure what the temperature was but it was pretty warm.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it was in the lower 80’s or thereabouts.


The ground here was very crunchy.  Kind of felt like walking on frozen ground.

IMGP0985 IMGP0987 IMGP0991

IMGP0996 IMGP0997

And that about sums it up!  Glad we had the opportunity to get out here during this time.


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