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Pacific Crest Trail From S-22 To Highway 78

Buenos Dias!

All is well out here in good ‘ol southern California!  Although it has been a short time since my last post, I have many photos to share!  In this post, we’re going to check out the 24 mile hike between SR-22 and Highway 78 on the Pacific Crest Trail.  This is the same place I started last time except I’m heading south, in the opposite direction.

100 mile mark for everyone heading in the opposite direction from the border of Mexico!

An interesting cave:


The following photo gives a general idea of what the area looks like.  The trail consists of seemingly endless switchbacks that made the trail nearly feel flat the entire way (with the exception of the end).


The following photo is of a cactus getting ready to bloom.


Unfortunately, water access is far and few in these parts.  In this section, one would have to leave the trail and walk aways down a hill to find some water.  It was also the only water stop for this entire stretch.  I may be wrong, but I also think it is just a water cache which is not a reliable source.  I think I saw some hikers camping out down there, which was really odd, because it was 10:15 in the morning!


Everything is very green right now, making all the views very beautiful.




I was very thankful for my hat!


This is what was labeled as, “dry waterfall”.


The end is in sight!  That’s Highway 78 down there. IMGP0843

Some pretty cacti starting to bloom.


A fine example of an ocotillo plant.  It also had a few buds.


This was a cactus near the end of my hike.  The last portion of this 24 mile section is a little steep compared to the rest of it but nothing too extreme.

Jason picked me up and the junction of S-2 and Highway 78 and we were on our way!

Stay tuned!  I have some great photos from our recent trip to Death Valley, including some of the current “Super Bloom”!

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