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Yoga x3

Hello, hello!

How’s it goin’?  Would you believe I’ve made it to Yoga three times in the past four days?  Yes sirree, that is correct!  I picked up a month of unlimited classes for Corepower Yoga from groupon and started on Saturday.  In addition, they give all new people a free week, so I’ll get five weeks total.

I’ve taken the Corepower 1 class three times and I think that is good until I get a hang of things.  There are some moves that are familiar from taking Bikram Yoga in the past, but it’s all pretty new to me.  I feel like I might could stick with this so we’ll see what happens at the end of my five weeks.

I’m going to get a post up about a recent hike, so I’ll do that next, but other then that I picked up some supplies to get my garden ready for the new season, made some bread and blueberry muffins, among other things.

This is a pretty boring post but I have a good post coming up about my recent hike.  I promise!  Featured image is a taste of things to come!

Take care now!

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